Experience & Standards

G&G is a family company that was established in 1965. Over the years, they have refined their formulas and manufacturing methods to produce the purest supplements available. G&G works with third-party organizations who certify the manufacturing practices and facilities through regular inspections.


G&G has evolved to offer the highest quality supplements in the UK. The brand has grown in popularity internationally and in the US, and in an effort to better serve customers here, G&G Vitamins USA has been given the exclusive license to sell and distribute G&G Vitamins in the US.


Two billion people on Earth do not get the micronutrients they need

Vitamins provide the body with the micronutrients it requires to function properly. Meeting one's minimum daily micronutrient levels is essential for living along, healthy life. The human body requires 13 essential vitamins to carry out normal cell function, development, and growth. The body also needs 15 essential minerals.

Each vitamin and each mineral performs a specific function within the body. For example, B-Complex vitamins can help people achieve healthy and natural weight loss.

G&G is Good and Green

The G&G philosophy is that Quality is paramount when it comes to vitamins, minerals and any supplements.

We at G&G Vitamins USA share the philosophy of the company who makes the vitamins we distribute: you should be able to trust anything that you plan to eat, and should know exactly what it is that you're putting in your body.

Be mindful of what you put in your body

There are close to 6,000 supplement companies today. Since the FDA does not have the authority to review or regulate what goes into supplements, you can't really trust a fly-by-night company that resells vitamins from China out of his garage on Amazon.

But you CAN trust a family-owned and operated supplement manufacturer, who's been putting quality first since 1965.

All of G&G’s ingredients are derived from non-GMO sources. Since the company manufactures all of their own products, they are able to monitor all the ingredients used in the supplements we sell,, which ensures that we can guarantee what is in each and every supplement formula.

Vegan Friendly

Quality Control

Superior Sourcing