About Us

G&G Vitamins USA is an extension of the G&G Family, an independent UK-based supplement manufacturer that has been providing the world with high-quality capsule supplements for over 56 years.

As we continue to expand as a company, we’ve taken the decision to create a standalone USA branch of the company. While we will continue to manufacture our supplements in the same UK-based factory that we have called home for the past 56 years, we will now be able to serve you - our US customers - more efficiently.

This is an exciting chapter in the growth of our company. If you want to find out more about the history of G&G and what got us here, please read our story.  


G&G was established to bring health and value to people's lives. Since the founder is a medical expert and health professional with high knowledge of vitamins, minerals, their usage and health benefits, they wanted to spread awareness across the globe and promote well-being for all.

One of the major reasons for establishing the brand was that David and Sheila, the founders, saw how pollution, bad nutrition, poor immunity, and ailments were taking a toll on the health of the population, and that there was a need for supplements to boost immunity* and genuinely help consumers. David and Sheila envisioned a different world and stood against health-fads but believed in real education to people on the subject of their body and well-being. With this, the G&G ethos was created.

Over the years G&G has seen that with the help of their supplements, people live a better life with higher immunity.* This is what keeps G&G going,  and why we at G&G Vitamins USA wanted to be involved, the goal to add health and well-being to the world.


We currently have over 140 supplements in our product line. But our talented, professional team comes out with better ideas everyday to create more unique and exciting formulations. We carefully selected a range of products for our US customers and will add more and more products over time. Our products are readily available for all who need them; we even have vegan and vegetarian options accessible for all. All our products are allergy-friendly in most cases, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and Kosher! It makes G&G the perfect choice for all age types, and those with specific preferences.

Our complete, extensive range includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential oils, organic whole foods and botanicals, etc. We also offer multi packs or monthly subscriptions, for the people who want to be fit forever and seeking an accessible daily solution for their unique health needs.

Each of the products goes through thorough research and vigorous observation to ensure quality and health measures. Moreover, we prefers capsule supplements over tablets since they are more gentle on your stomach, have no odour or taste, and can even be consumed with its content poured in juices for those that have problems swallowing.