Manufactured by us in the UK

As a company, G&G has been manufacturing supplements for over 40 years. During that time we've followed one simple philosophy: "Make it right, or don't make it at all". This philosophy has stood the test of time, and as we have full control over the manufacturing process, is easy to maintain.  

Our factory

All of our supplements are manufactured in the same factory, located within a small town in the south of England - about an hour from London. Dedicated to high-quality, we've insured our bespoke facility maintains the highest supplement manufacturing standards. We manufacture all of our supplements in our one of a kind ISO Class 8 cleanroom, which is a higher standard than is required for supplement manufacture. 

Ensuring Quality

To ensure the highest quality products get to our customers, we have extensive quality control procedures. They start with our internal and external Quality Inspectors who perform quality control checks throughout manufacture. Our products are also lab tested to guarantee they are safe, pure and fit for everyday use. 


G&G are proud members of the Health Food Manufacturers Association who certify that G&G is following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). In addition, G&G are certified by the Soil Association for the manufacture of organic products, the Vegetarian Society for the production of vegan and vegetarian products, and AIB International who monitor quality of food production through on-site analysis and tests.