G&G Manufacturing

G&G Quality

G&G keeps a keen eye on the process and monitors everything closely. Their philosophy is: "Make it right and make it high-quality, or don't make it at all". G&G research shows that all ingredients are GMO-free.*

In a nutshell, G&G will never deliver a supplement that isn't the best, and most beneficial, it could be.



The virtue and maintainability of different ingredients G&G uses are absolutely critical. In the event that the items don't fulfill these guidelines they won't be made. Sourcing great quality, non-GMO ingredients is an essential part.

G&G's experts check all the ingredients for quality by using broad research and testing, including bioavailability.

At the factory, G&G doesn't simply "make supplements"; G&G makes them with care. Their staff has inside and out information and experience of their ingredients. There is no trade off in quality while sourcing the items that are used for their supplements. G&G doesn't settle for anything short of the best with the goal that each phase of the assembling cycle is of the highest quality.



You may have seen that we don't sell tablets. This is likewise an aspect of G&G's 'make it right' reasoning. It's less expensive and snappier to make tablets, however those tablets have one critical downside; the ingredients must be bound together – and afterward they need to taste great, break up at the correct speed and be protected from oxidative harm.

The outcome is regularly a huge list of ingredients, and frequently these added substances can cause unfortunate impacts, especially gastrointestinal upset. Since the capsule cases don't need the added substances for binding, G&G's individual nutrient and mineral items contain only the one, unadulterated ingredient.

Sometimes G&G blends in a little rice flour in case the detailing doesn't exactly top the case off, but it is gluten-free and won’t change the quality.



The supplement capsules that G&G uses are produced using plant material. The plant based capsules G&G manufactures meet both strict and dietary prohibition principles, making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians



G&G produces supplement products in their own one of a kind ISO Class 8 cleanroom, at the factory in the UK only. G&G values all Class 8 cleanroom guidelines, which is one class higher than is essential for supplement make.



To ensure highest quality, an autonomous lab tests the products to guarantee they are safe, pure and fit for human utilization. 

G&G has a strict quality control system with Quality Inspectors performing customary QC checks along the creation line to guarantee top notch quality of the item detail and acknowledged quality guidelines. 



G&G is certified by the Health Food Manufacturers Association who guarantee that everyone follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Also, other quality-check companies, such as Soil Association for the assembling of natural items, the Vegetarian Society for the creation of veggie lover and vegan items, and AIB International who screen nature of food creation through on location examination and tests have gave G&G the certification to run the company proudly and deliver the best-quality products to the ones who need them.