Becoming a green supplement company

As a family company that has enjoyed over 50 years of doing business out of our factory located in a rural area of green fields and trees, we feel strongly that businesses, and manufacturers in particular, should do all they can to reduce their environmental impact. Our aim is to become one of the most environmentally-friendly supplement brand that we can be.

To achieve these ambitious goals, we've had to make big changes to how we do business.

Our Unique Biodegradable Packaging

After years of development, in 2022 we were able to launch our brand new 100% biodegradable tubs. The base material for these new tubs is a vegetal-origin polymer obtained from starch and sugar cane fermentation, making it a renewable source material. This raw material comes from excess sugar capacity in developing countries in South-East Asia, helping farmers in rural areas with more stable sugar prices.

During the manufacture of our new tubs, the carbon footprint is approximately 75% lower than the carbon footprint of conventional plastic bottles and 90% of a glass bottle.

After the tub has fullfilled its life as a supplement tub, it can be reused or composted. The optimal treatment is composting. In this case, 90% of the packaging will have biodegraded in 6 months or less.

We only manufacture using renewable energy.

Over 2 years ago now we completed our switch-over to the greenest energy source we could. Not only is all of our energy 100% green, our supplier uses wind and sun energy to provide Vegan Society approved energy. This means that every capsule that comes out of our ISO Class 8 cleanroom has been made with clean, renewable energy.